Must-have apps for students

Students largely need to rely on digital tools available to them for their studies and in discovering their talents. There are a lot of informational apps on surface, designed solely for the benefit of students. Here’s a list of apps that have proven to be very useful in assisting students with their academics and mental health:

Dropbox: It is a cloud-based file storage app that makes document sharing easier. It is available on Android as well as iPhone operating systems. Images, videos, documents can be uploaded on Dropbox and then can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Its most appreciative feature is that it keeps files updated with the latest saved version, irrespective of the location from where it was saved.


Forest: This app helps in keeping a check on your phone’s usage and also serves as a solution if you’re easily distracted while studying. The Android version of this app is free but in iOS it costs money. In this app, a tree is planted and it takes 30 minutes for it to grow. If you’ll resort to playing with your phone before that time period, the tree will die. It is a trendy and exotic app which will help in studying undistractedly.

Google apps: A collection of office apps that consist of Word, Excel, Drive, Docs, Mail, and whatnot. There’s only a handful of things Google apps cannot do. Making assignments, pdfs, spreadsheets, and uploading them for easier sharing options can all be done with this suite of apps in your hand. The best benefit is you can access them from anywhere and anytime given that you have your phone with you. It is a free dictionary app supported in both Android and iOS. It can be accessed offline and has features that make it different from the other dictionary apps available. Its “Word of the day” and “Thesaurus” functions are very helpful in expanding one’s jargon and makes documents errorless and presentable.

Goconqr: It is a multifunctional educational app that allows its users to do a lot of tasks like course building, study planning, test quizzes, flashcards, calendar, overviewing performances, reports, analysis, tech-supported courses, import/export and many more. It serves a large group of the population including students, educators, companies, and institutions.

These apps help in keeping ideas and notes together and accessible at a finger’s click. With the world becoming more and more digital, it has now become a necessity for students to be up to date with the latest advancements in tech and applications for better progress in their education and learning.

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