Alexandra Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are at the frontline in the war against the covid-19 pandemic. These corona warriors are working day and night to cure the patients exposing themselves to the virus.

One such warrior is Mumbai born Rija Abraham, working at the Princess Alexander Hospital at United Kingdom’s Harlow who has been conferred with the title of ‘CORONA CRITICAL WORKER HERO’.Wearing scrubs, masks, and PPEs this lady is working around the clock leaving her 1½-year-old daughter at home. This young mother strongly believes in giving back to society and for her, her duty comes first.

Abraham’s Alexandra certificate read ‘A scrub nurse Rija in theatre at Princess Alexandra hospital at Harlow, Essex has now adapted to the role of ITU nurse, providing essential care to very sick COVID-19 patients. At home, she leaves a 1.5year-old daughter, she continues to go on and strive to provide the best care possible.’

She is backed by the immense support from her husband Prateek Abraham who is taking care of their little daughter at home when our corona warrior is on duty.

‘Medical profession is demanding and when we see our daughter-in-law ever-smiling it gives us courage and reflection of a sense of serving selflessly, which is the essence of the medical profession’-said Abraham’s father in law who himself is a health official.

“As Florence Nightingale quoted once, ‘How very little can be done under the spirit of fear’. This has remained my guiding principle and with my colleagues, we are fighting a battle to serve people,” said Rija in an interview with Times of India.

We must take out some time to praise these heroes working 24/7 to fight against this long war against the virus.

What we can do to help these healthcare workers?

We can stay at home and follow the basic guidelines whenever we step out due to some emergency.

Wear a mask and gloves.
Avoid social gatherings.
Keep a sanitizer with yourself.

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