Movies You Can Watch with Your Families

Movies You Can Watch with Your Families, The lockdown has brought many of us closer to our families, what with the being locked up in the same house for months now. So, if you’re looking for something to watch on movie night with your families, here are some pretty cool options-

Dil Dhadakne Do- Dil Dhadakne Do is my all time favourite film. It’s a feel good film with a happy-ish ending. Almost all characters show amazing character growth and as a bonus all the songs are absolute bops. It talks about the value of family, so expect your parents to give you looks which tell you they’re expecting you to appreciate them. The movie is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Badhai Ho- Badhai Ho is also a film that in some way highlights the importance of a family that stands up for each other and has each other’s backs. It follows the story of a regular middle class family, and how their lives change when they find out that the mother (who is considered too old to still have physical relations with her husband) is expecting a baby. It’s guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, and all in all, is a pretty entertaining movie. You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani- While I personally think that Ranbir Kapoor’s character was selfish and kinda douche-y (unpopular opinion, I know, don’t come at me), it’s still a pretty good movie. YJHD has led us all to dream about a trip like that, parties like that and also a wedding like that. It’s a sweet film, and will make you nostalgic for times when you could step out of your house and travel and at least dream about partying with your friends. You can catch this movie on Netflix.

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