Movies to throw light on Robert Pattinson’s interesting career

Robert Pattinson gained worldwide fame with the Twilight saga. But diehard fans of Pattinson know what a remarkable multi-faceted actor he is. From the chivalrous Cedric Diggory to pale emotionless Edward Cullen, Pattinson has nailed several roles perfectly.

With Robert Pattinson being cast as the next hero in Batman franchise, this is the perfect time to go through his memorable works.

Cosmopolis- Robert Pattinson plays the role of Eric Packer in this 2012 drama thriller. A billionaire whose life slowly falls apart through business failures and marital dissatisfaction. The 28-year businessman travels in his expensive over the top limousine while contemplating the meaning of life he is living. The pain and hopelessness in his eyes are extremely real.

Harry Potter: The Goblet Of Fire- The first time Robert Pattinson made us giggle and fall for the chivalrous Hufflepuff wizard was in Harry Potter. His shy smile, kindness and dedication made us fall for him and not one of us did not cry when he died in at the end of the movie. His part may not have been very pivotal but it did raise a wave of appreciation for him. Robert Pattinson himself is a big fan of the role of Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter franchise.

Good Time- Directed by Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie this crime thriller was released in 2017 and received mixed reviews. But Pattinson’s work in the movie is very promising. Robert plays the role of Connie Nick who convinced his mentally challenged brother Nick into a bank robbery that did not go well and Nick was arrested. Now Connie must do everything to get money for his brother’s bail.

Little Ashes-   Diversity of Pattinson can be tested by the 2008 movie on two greatest artists of the world, their talent and hidden sexuality, Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca. Robert Pattinson played the part of Dali. From the hairstyle to clothing, every aspect of him purely resonates with the 20s except the passionate homosexual love story which was a taboo back then.

Twilight Saga- Twilight saga is the franchise that introduced Pattinson to the world in a massive wave. The angst-ridden, gorgeous porcelain vampire was the heartthrob for many over the span of years. The teen romance cashed well and released 5 movies. Although Pattinson does not consider the role to be his best, it is the truth that the world recognized him after this series.

Maps to the Stars– A limo driver who aspires to be a screenwriter awaits his big break at Hollywood. In order to bag the opportunity, he befriends Agatha and her mother’s personal assistant. Maps to the stars is a satirical drama by David Cronenberg.

High Life- Again at the lead of an amazing concept, Pattinson plays the role of a father who needs to protect his daughter and himself during a fatal mission to the outer reaches of the solar system. Claire Dennis directed this 2018 science fiction.

Bel Ami- Robert Pattinson plays the role of George Duroy whose aim is to climb the social ladder in Paris. This 2012 romance drama encases another side of Robert’s expertise.

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