Movies that topped the IMDB rating

“My movie is born first in my head, dies on paper; is resuscitated by the living persons and real objects I use, which are killed on film but, placed in a certain order and projected onto a screen, come to life again like flowers in water.”

                                                                                       Robert Bresson (Cinematographer)

How you are spending your lockdown time at home? We all have seen our favourite movies read our favourite books in those busy metro rides. What now? Is scrolling social media sites then find a movie check it’s IMDB Rating and then finally decided to watch it; is your daily routine?  Here is the list of movies that topped the IMDB rating and will make your work little easier;

UNO :The Movie  

You can find this movie on the most accessible platform Youtube. How often do you see a group of people playing Ludo? Carrom? And for that matter UNO for almost three hours. Well if you haven’t you should watch it now. That strategy, cunningness and tricks that we use in indoor games are all followed up in this story. It is also considered as one of the best comedy films of all time. A story revolves around four co-workers passionate about this world-famous card game UNO and how it moves forward interestingly from this simple storyline.

IMDB Rating -9.5


You can find this movie easily on Amazon Prime Video. If you are a fan of great camera work, and if you notice editing style in a movie. This artwork will surely not disappoint you. A movie which talks about the two different meaning of the word “Godfather” an underworld mafia and a protector. Set in the 1940s revolves around a Character Michael, who from the time when he was reluctant to enter the crime world to the heartless Boss he became of the crime world.

IMDB Rating-9.2

The Shawshank Redemption

You can find this movie on Hungama. Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in leading roles, the story follows two imprisoned men and the strong friendship they build in their decades-long tenure in prison. Those tales that taught us that it doesn’t matter if thousand criminals are set free but no innocent shall be punished. The story talks about this and the politics amidst the smartness of Tim Robbin’s character. The story will confuse you, makes you feel connected with it, and leave on a note of what actually is considered right and what is the meaning of wrongdoing. The story will introduce you to the grey side reside in everyone.

IMDB Rating- 9.3

Our little Secret

You can find this movie with Vimeo. We often have our dark secrets that we are rigid on sharing. The fear of being judged, never allow us to tell those things to even our closed ones. In order to hide it; how far would you go? Directed by Zuri Zeltser, this movie follows that journey. A simple content often do wonders on screen. When the audience connects, it’s the major accomplishment of a movie. In a more dramatic way, it will lead you on your own journey.

IMDB Rating- 9.5

Death Note

You can find it on Netflix. A Japanese creation filled with thrill and suspense. How would you use a notebook which grants you a superpower to kill somebody? Well if it is a struggle to decide watch this movie to see how a high-school student does react to this magical thing.

IMDB Rating-9

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