Film that needs your attention, despite being an underdog

Despite the fact that our Hindi Film Industry is continually assaulted for creating films with obsolete stories, there are movie producers who have pushed the limits and introduced unique ideas, just to fizzle at the Box Office. Here is a glimpse of that list.


Winning an Oxfam Award for ‘Gender Equality’ category at the 2018 MAMI Film Festival is just an addition to why this film is an exceptional and a must-watch. Being aware of what woman faces when they choose male-dominated professions they face difficulties and challenges at each stage of their career. This movie highlights and describes those issues which will surely become an eye-opener once you watch it.


Starring Nawazuddin and Sanya Malhotra in lead roles, is one of the reasons why you should watch it, But except the phenomenal performances, it also deserves an appreciation for its satisfying camera work and great direction. Ritesh Batra from its debut film lunchbox is continuously proving how a simple storyline revolves around subtle humour can do wonders on screen.

Mard ko dard nahi hota:

For the generation who grew up watching and listening to actors who beat their chest and says “Mard ko dard nhi hota”. It’s a contradictory film for the fans of comic books, Bruce Lee, and wacky comedies. The title might trigger some people but with its action and comedy storyline, it delivers great content.


Featuring Rasika Dugal, Vikas Kumar, and Talha Arshad Reshi in lead roles, Hamid proceeded to win the National Film Award for Best Child Artist and Best Feature Film in Urdu. Hamid offers a layered look into the everyday lives of Kashmiris. And it also gives a subtle message of “people move on in life, no matter what”.


Shravan Singh, a struggling boxer; who also works for a local politician. The sports drama which goes on to highlight several social issues including caste divides. A film that keeps you engages with its several interesting plots. And a subtle message conveying there is a lot behind a defeat.

Judgemental hai kya

Having Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao in its lead roles with their finest performances, this movie not only wins your heart with its mind-blowing acting but with an exceptional great script of rare black comedy and thriller. A psychological thriller that expertly uses the motifs it presents, it should be in your watch list for better reasons like its screenplay and cinematography.


Watching this movie will make you realize how cleverly Vishal Bhardwaj uses its trademark of taking stories from your real-life and true human characters. It takes you on a journey of your sibling rivalry which will help you regain your childhood memories. The subtle storyline which is based on true human reactions will touch your heart.   


A film comes with flaws but it still needs your attention for Irrfan’s own style of presenting comedy on screen. With comedy-drama and Irrfan’s acting, this movie will keep you engage with its amazing storyline. You can find it on Amazon Prime and enjoy it with your lazy brunch.

Love soniya:

The storyline that spins around the old and dim Bombay is itself an integral motivation to watch the film. The battle and the difficult excursion of two sisters who are on an inquiry to locate one another. Their nearby departure and alarming experiences will make this fiction seems real to you. Mrunal’s finest experiences with a unique storyline will keep you engaged throughout.


If your idea is to watch a horror film then this is surely not a movie that you are looking for. But it’s a completely unique idea to present the brutality on a woman that happens in society. It gives us a tight slap. when we realise that the incidents that we skip in our daily lives deserves our attention and so does this film

Gone kesh:

Despite the fact that it doubts the need and intensity of society’s approval, Gone Kesh is the sort of straightforward, sweet film that may not remain with you after the end credits roll, yet that absolutely makes for a wonderful, charming survey insight. The story is additionally raised by a splendid star cast that incorporates Shweta Tripathi, Jeetendra Kumar, Vipin Sharma, and Deepika Amin.


Kaalakaandi is the response to any individual who has grumbled about Bollywood not being restless or wacky enough. While it doesn’t coordinate the satire of mistakes that Chief Akshat Verma served in his first film Delhi Belly, Kaalakaandi merits a watch for its diverse music and cleverly splendid Saif Ali Khan.

Begum Jaan:

A storyline that is based on a partition history. But a movie which is about empowering that section of women in society which often remains unseen. It tells us the fine distinction between Sex-workers and prostitutes. The solidarity of a foundation and the battle with the state and its arbiters with its amazing cinematography it’s a must-watch film.

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