Movies That Make Me Want to Read the Books They’re Based on

Movies I am not much of a reader (unless you count the ‘are you still watching’ thing on Netflix) and
I’m pretty much the last person you’d find reading a book on a Saturday night. The last time
I read a ‘classic’ was 50 pages of Pride Movies and Prejudice for a school project 2 years ago.
However, every once in awhile there comes across a movie that makes me feel like reading
for like the next hour. Here are some of those films-

1. Pride and Prejudice- This is what I turned to cover up for the pages that I ended up not reading. This movie is pretty good, and Keira Knightley has proved her worth here. In addition to this, I suggest you also watch the BBC series Movies adaptation of the book, Colin Firth in that is downright amazing (leave aside gorgeous).

2. Little women- Emma Watson, Timothee Chalamet, and Saorise Ronan? This movie was bound for success. The way that the parts have been players really makes me want to pick up the Louisa May Alcott novel and start reading it. Movies As if watching Joey Tribbiani reading it didn’t already have me toying with the idea of giving the book a chance.

3. The Great Gatsby- A pretty cool concept, with some really cool, over the top parties that I would kill to attend. Actors that are amazing at their craft and sets designed so meticulously. All these factors add up to a brilliant movie and I’m assuming that the book that it’s based on is as good, if not better.

Be right back, going to pick up one of these (I will probably just end up reading Harry Potter
and the Order of the Phoenix all over again).

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