Movies that have the potential to Scare you!

Movies that has the potential to Scare you!

How often do we see great content coming from the horror genre? With years we have seen two genres getting lost somewhere which are Comedy and Horror. The genre that is concerned with phycology, the story that needs a connect. And, here is a list of ten amazing underrated horror movies that you need to watch right now.

The Invisible Man:

How often you have heard of Sci-fi horror?. You can actually call it a Sci-fi horror, because that is exactly what it is. Now there have been a few attempts at this genre before but very few of them have been as good as this. The movie follows a woman who claims that her boyfriend who had died by suicide is now stalking her. Make any sense? Watch it to know it; it won’t disappoint you with its narration and scare you,

The Invitation:

What an invitation can costs you? With basic plot but amazing visual representation. It begins with a small gathering of Individuals assemble at a house for an evening which they spend pondering which one of them has an ulterior thought process. Since somebody definitely does.

Ready or Not

Effortlessness couldn’t be more joyful after she weds the man she had always wanted at his family’s extravagant home. There’s only one catch – she should now escape 12 PM until first light while her parents in law chase her down with firearms, crossbows and different weapons. Before she figures out how to reverse the situation, Will it be too long then?


This film will take you on to the journey of finding family secrets. The film should issue a trigger warning for their audiences. It is one of the scariest visual representations with continuous psychological triggering.

Let the right one in:

Even after the film ends you cannot detach your mind from it. After the growing bond between Oskar and Eli becomes solid, Eli imparts a mystery to him that attaches her to a line of neighbourhood murders. With its continuous unsettling visuals, this movie will leave you a question at the end. Watch it to know it.

The Vvitch

A film which is written and directed by Robert Eggers. A film which has evil ceremonies, old world enchantment and concealed beasts in this seventeenth-century story of an ousted Puritan family that finds their ranch being pursued by something vile. The frightening factor in this film is off the diagrams. So continue viewing from the edge of your eyes. It’ll actually get you.

It comes at night:

The title which itself has the potential to scare you with a question. What actually comes at night? Trust me as simple as this title looks, the story is actually complex with its screenplay. It did a fantastic job with its camera movements and extraordinary performances.

One hour Photo:

Robbin Williams carried a funny man’s image for quite a long time now; I think he made this film to wipe out that image with its creepy character who got obsessed with a family who is a regular customer at his shop where he works at a photo technician. He then follows them everywhere with an intention to finish all of them.

The Strangers::

Can a Strange knock on your door; one fine morning will change your life forever? Watch this roller coaster ride of James Hoyt and Kristen McKay who went to a remote house to spend some quality with each other but what waits for them?


One fun party, a few drinks and a witch-hunt. This movie will confuse you, trigger you, scare you but don’t disappoint you. Visually speaking the camera work of this film speaks more than the dialogues. You might regret watching this masterpiece alone.

Just give it a go; these amazing visual experiences won’t disappoint you.

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