Most google topic in this lockdown period

period Most google topic, It’s been more than a month that we all are confined in our homes due to this global lockdown where about 84 countries are in complete or partial lockdown. We have only a few resources with us to spend our time. Besides doing household chores, spending time with family period members, people nowadays are using search engines to learn something new, to know about the outside world, and the most important information related to this unseen enemy which would be of immense importance in fighting it.

Here are some of the most searched CORONA TOPICS in Google:

Corona helpers
It is most searched topic on Google with more than 5 million period searches but these humongous searches are not surprising at all because in a crisis like this God is those who are working day and night to control it and prevent it from infecting other people. Doctors, nurses, police officers, sanitation workers who are putting all their efforts to deal with this abnormal situation are included in this category.

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Plasma Therapy
Statistics reveal that this topic is searched by more than 1 lakh people. Every single person is eagerly waiting to hear the news of some sort of treatment which period would be helpful in treating corona patients and this therapy has brought a ray of hope in their pessimistic lives.
Guidelines for lockdown

Staying at home and maintaining social distancing is the only way to avert this disease and for this lockdown is the only option. Therefore the government has announced lockdown and laid some guidelines for its proper implementation. People are constantly searching for these guidelines because violations of these can show you the path to prison.

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E-pass for lockdown
Data reveals that more than 50,000 people have searched for this topic. During the lockdown, the government has issued an e-pass to those who are in essential period services like, doctors, nurses, police officials, news reporters, medical shop owners, etc, so that they can travel without any hindrance and do their jobs. Those who don’t have e-passes are not allowed in roads therefore people are searching for eligibility and process to get this pass.

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Covid warriors:
This topic is searched by more than 1 lakh people. In our battle period against coronavirus, warriors are doctors, nurses, other hospitals staffs, police officials, sanitation workers who are putting their lives at stake for us. They are giving their best to get our nation rid of this deadly virus. It’s our duty to respect them and treat them with dignity.

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