Mohan Viswakarma i.e. Devi’s father from the show ‘Never Have I Ever’ has emerged as a sensation among the youth. Sendhil Ramamurthy, the hot dad of ‘Never Have I Ever’ has acted in multiple films and TV shows that can be binge-watched by all who’re currently crushing on him.


1. The Flash- The negative role of Bloodwork a.k.a. Ramsey Rosso has been essayed by Sendhil with absolute perfection in The Flash.

2. It’s a Wonderful Afterlife- The suitable bachelor for an ‘unmarried’ woman is played by Sendhil in this British comedy. The woman’s mother is a serial killer and is played by Shabana Azmi.

3. Heroes and Heroes Reborn- In both the series the professor of genetics in the University of Madras is played by Sendhil.

4. Shor in the City– The role of Abhay, the NRI with a dark past and who returns to India, is played by Sendhil in this crime thriller.

5. Brahmin Bulls- The lead role of a young man is played by Sendhil. He appears to be in a broken relationship with his father which is threatened constantly.


6. Covert Affairs- The role of a CIA agent, Jai Wilcox, was played by Sendhil in the first three seasons.

7. The Lifeguard- Sendhil was seen as Raj in this drama film with Kristen Bell and David Lambert in leading roles.

8. The Office- In the Season 8 and 9 of this classic comedy, Sendhil appears as a paediatric surgeon.

9. Stan Lee’s Lucky Man- In the first two seasons, Sendhil played a prison governor namely Nikhail Julian.


10. Reverie- Sendhil essayed the role of Paul Hammond, a scientist and developer in this sci-fi drama.

11. Beauty & The Beast- In this modern day take on a classic fairytale; Sendhil played Gabriel Lowen, an assistant district attorney.

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