MIZORAM Someone once said, help in a way that even the left-hand doesn’t get to know what good the right hand did. It’s rare when we find a kind soul who not only goes out of his way to help strangers but deliberately chooses to be in the shadows. The unnamed hero who left us all in awe is an individual in Mizoram who took it upon himself to pay off loans of strangers whose property was mortgaged because they couldn’t pay off the loan themselves. A woman, Rodingliani took a loan of 4 lakhs for treatment of her brain tumor from State Bank of India, Aizawl branch. The widow with two daughters had previously expressed concern to the bank officials for not being able to pay the amount. She told the Sunday Express MIZORAM, “I got a call from the bank that a good Samaritan wants to pay off certain loan amounts and that the bank
had selected mine in that list.”

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Another lucky soul, whose debt was lifted off his shoulders was Muana L. Fanai who took a loan of 2.5 lakhs for his poultry farm which hadn’t fared well due to lockdown. He too was concerned about repaying the amount. He called the anonymous gentleman a “guardian angel.” Other than these two individuals, two others were blessed with the kindness of a stranger who is a Mizoram trader and refuses to disclose his identity in order to avoid the spotlight. The assistant general manager MIZORAM of the bank, Sheryl Vanchhong said, “He called us and said that in these times of distress, he wants to help. He is a customer of our bank. He said that he wants to help those who had mortgaged their property against loans which they were finding difficult to pay. His budget was Rs 10 lakh.”

Debt free-NewsORB360 MIZORAM

The generous man transferred an amount of Rs 9,94,365 to the bank after they under the burden of debt and had difficulty paying it off due to business failure or any other reasons. The blessed people were returned their mortgaged documents, as clarified by Sheryl Vanchhong. The unknown hero himself had suffered the pangs of debt and wanted to help out those in need for the sake of self-satisfaction and sheer kindness. This is the perfect example of charity where there’s no camera flashing or Instagram pictures being posted. It is said that charity becomes sweeter with anonymity, and right now nothing is sweeter than our admiration for him.

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