Mirzapur star Ali Faizal is the cause behind the viral hashtag @BoycottMirzapur2 which might be a disaster for the series.

Standing in 2020, social media is not just any platform. Social media is a platform that can make you or break you. A storm of nepotism very recently made the trailer of Dil Bechara the most liked video on YouTube and Sadak2 the least. After the power of the netizens, was demonstrated twice, now Mirzapur 2 could be at the risk of a boycott because of Ali Fazal. But why?

Twitterati recently lashed out at one of the actors in Mirzapur 2 who was also in Mirzapur season one, Ali Fazal for a series of reasons. The first season of Mirzapur streamed on Amazon Prime in 2018 and in its 10 episodes, it amassed a huge fan base. The series ended and since two years several hashtags demanding the second season made rounds on Twitter.

On 11th December 2019, the Rajya Sabha approved the Citizenship Amendment Bill and made it into an Act that would provide citizenship to non-Muslims migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. This caused widespread riots and protests all over the country. Some violent and some not too violent. Many celebrities spoke out against the Act and some against the violence that was ensuing in the country at that time. But what Ali Fazal tweeted triggered a lot of people. His tweet was actually dialogued from the series “Protests: Suru Majboori Mein Kiye Thhey, Ab Maja Aa Raha Hai!!!” No matter what his opinion on CAA was, this statement showed his support for violence which angered many. But the fire died eventually.

Recently the teaser of the second season of the series was released. This caused the majority of the fans to be exhilarated and excited for the new series. But a Twitter user named @saumyakumary gave three points why the series must be boycotted and that became viral as several hundreds of people agreed with her.

“Afi Fazal, who not just protested against the CAA but also instigated Muslims of India to indulge in violence and when the country was burning in December, he even celebrates it below tweet). He has deleted all of his Tweets prior to 9th Apr 2020 so his hateful comments can’t be traced. However, there are videos of him shouting from the top of his voice and Instigating people, no less than Swara Bhaskar. And now his Mirzapur 2 l set to release and many people are saying, what about Pankaj Tripathi, what about other actors, why should these actors efforts go unnoticed just because of what Ali Fazal did? I have strong counters to this question. » When you boycott a movie like Sodak, do you care about the livelihood of Spot bays? Camera persons? Scriptwriters, editors, singers, etc? You don’t. because you believe teaching Bollywood Mafia a lesson by boycotting their movies is important

2) The purpose of a boycott is to make the makers of the movie/show realise that because you cost this one hateful element who is responsible for the death of many in real, we’re boycotting your movie/show. So it’s a message to the makers that don’t cast people who celebrate and rejoice when Indie burns hope when the season 3 is released, they’ll not cast this actor because they learned how public boycotts the entire show Just because you cast one wrong element in it.

3) Indirectly, you’re promoting/funding the person who wishes to burn your house, your country in the name of protest. I want to ask, would you have the same thought process when your car or house is burnt down by rioters? Would you still say let’s watch for Kaleen Bhaiya and ignore A Fazal who instigated people to burn your house down? South Delhi people understand what I’m saying. because they’ve seen it in December.”

This twitter statement raged another fire demanding a boycott of the series. #BoycottMirzapur2 became a trend on Twitter. Another user requested the people to not watch the series and if they really had to, they must use Telegram instead of Amazon Prime. Another user requested the netizens to remember Ali Fazal’s tweet, Farhan Akhtar supporting the brutal protests that killed several people, Ankit Sharma’s body who was brutally murdered during the protests and Ratan Lal’s family before they decide to watch Mirzapur 2.  “Wake up India” was tweeted by another user @mahendra3.

The second season of this pretty famous series will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video this year from October 23rd.

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