#METOO ALLEGATIONS, A few years ago when Sushant was shooting for “Dil Bechara”, an adaptation of the English novel “The Fault in Our Stars”, several stories had surfaced under the #MeToo movement and accusing him of misbehaving with his Dil Bechara co-star and debut actress Sanjana Sanghi. As three days are left for the digital release of Sushant’s last film directed by Mukesh Chhabra, news reports had addressed this forgotten issue directly to Sanjana.

Remembering her co-star, Sanjana shared, “Everyone thinks only Sushant was the one troubled there. But I was equally troubled. We knew our truth- I know what he meant to me, he knew what he meant to me and that’s what matters. We were on set shooting every day.” On the articles alleging Sushant, Sanjana added, “When one or two articles come, then you don’t pay heed to it and let it pass. But when it becomes rampant, and there are articles which are baseless, I have no respect for them or the people writing them or the ones believing them.” 

She alleges that all the articles and facts were done to deceive the audience/ reader and none were true. Also, she’s confident about this episode not affecting the friendship that Sanjana shared with her late co-star. She said, “Now when people will see both of us, they will know our truth. Nothing has changed between us because there was nothing… Imagine how sad the state of affairs is for two people who actually adore each other to have to sit back and prove this.”

Going further down the memory lane, she said that Sushant took her permission before making their chats public to prove his innocence but people still refused to believe Sushant and Sanjana. After that failed, Sanjana openly spoke about it and clarified the situation, the girl who was being victimized, refused the truth about the incident and sadly, according to Sanjana, we live in a society where people believed “a certain reality”. Scandals are spicy and easily get the required social media attention. She says that she was too inexperienced and young to cope with the situation.

#METOO ALLEGATIONS, After Sushant’s death, when the entire incident was brought back to the light, a large portion of the social media targeted Sanjana for taking weeks to come up and speak about it. As she was asked the same question, she said, “They hurt me because they’ve troubled me in the past and it reminds me of a time that was uncomfortable. They see it as a time but they don’t know our reality. If you are waiting for lies to be clarified I don’t want to perpetuate that culture… I need not have clarified anything in the first place because nothing happened.” She called Sushant to be the greatest co-star and said that their love and respect was mutual. She also reasoned that if something of that sort had actually happened, they wouldn’t have finished the filming and dubbing of “Dil Bechara”. She urged everyone to believe only the truth and not all that’s fed to them.

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