Mental Health Tips to Adopt During the Pandemic

Mental Health Tips, The pandemic has been fostering many tensions in varied sectors including health, defence, educational and economical. One of the worst impacts is on the psychological health of many people around the globe. Ranging from minor issues such as helplessness, loneliness and frustration to grave problems such as increased distress and suicidal thoughts, this virus has been hampering the psychological well-being of the entire community indirectly.

The impact will be substantially more on the people who were already suffering with psychological issues before the pandemic. Many people have resorted to substance abuse and alcohol for eluding their problems. A shadow pandemic of mental issues is emerging and there is a hike in the suicide rates as well. All these things call for immediate attention and precautions to be taken in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Along with their physical health, everyone should also put emphasis on their mental health and eradicate the negative thoughts by following the subsequent tips:

1) Beware of Fake News
Social media and other websites are full of fake news regarding the novel coronavirus which can trigger anxiety in many people. Hence, search for news on reputable sites only and don’t trust the virus myths on social media applications such as WhatsApp. Furthermore, restrict yourself from the information that you may perceive as upsetting.

2) Time Management
Regulating your time while being confined at your home can be difficult and mismanagement can induce helplessness in a person. In order to prevent this, create a schedule and abide by the working hours mentioned in it. This can help to prevent a person from procrastinating or overburdening oneself with work.

3) Physical exercise
Involving in physical activities can be beneficial for both mental and physical well-being as our brains and immune system are deeply linked. Involve in home workouts, yoga, aerobics, Zumba and walking within the premises of your house regularly.

4) Healthy Diet
Adopt healthy eating habits and don’t skip meals. The food items that you consume determine whether you will remain fatigued or reinvigorated during the day. Avoid drinking liquid calories and consume water instead in order to keep yourself well-hydrated. Stop being a couch potato by leaving the chips behind and eat fruits or salads every day.

5) Communicate
Don’t let the blanket of loneliness wrap itself around you and make you melancholic. Communicate and socialize on social media sites and spend more time with your family.

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