Mental Health is paramount for Dua Lipa, few tips by her.

Dua Lipa is a well-known personality around the globe because of her aesthetic singing and writing skills. Due to her major success of break out singles “Don’t start now”, “New Rules” and “IDGAF” the young and talented singer and songwriter is making her name towards high-
ranked land. She also mentioned how she is grateful for who she is today and what she got throughout these years.

As she discussed her initial days as a struggler and what it takes to be in a position that she holds today. She explains social media has helped her to make contact with her to music and music industry, she also brings up the fact that her inspiration to be a songwriter and singer is Pink and Nelly Furtado. But every coin has two sides her journey has both cherishable as well as not so good moments.

Amid pandemic, she shares how she feel laziness and not so creative and productive. She also moots how she feels a little bit depressed which reminded her beginning of carrier as on those times she feels the same. She is very much open about her struggles then and now also. She propounds how she takes care of her mental health and here are a few tips she shares:

 Make peace with unpredictability – We need to know the true story in every aspect whether we like it or not we need to fit in the circumstances we are not used to. Anything or any situation is not permanent or certain now amid coronavirus it is okay to panic but to be on a state of stress is not an Dua option. We need to cope up with the gospel, it is will take time to get back to our normal and previous life and until then we need to make peace with it.

 Kindness is key – Everyone has some sort of anxiety or impatience now but someone has to come front and help others to deal with it. We all know that it is going to test your patience but you need to show a significant Dua amount of kindness to those who are not well- coping with it. As it will help you to make better relations as well as understanding with that person. You’ll self feel better after treating them.

 Routine Routine Routine – We had heard many times at some sort of point in our life that it is important and utilitarian to have a well-planned routine for you, and trust me it’s worth it. Indulging in a well-set routine will help you to be productive as well as cheerful. By starting your day to going back to your bed you don’t have time to think negatively. I’ll recommend you to include exercise, meditation, and spiritual talks in your routine as it will calm your body and mind by making peace within.

 Plan a breather off social media – I don’t think I could have worked on my music if I hadn’t taken a step away from social media, mentioned Dua Lipa. We all agree to the fact that social media platforms help us be in Dua contact with our loved ones and help us to know the latest news and situation going on but It is always beneficial to take a break from social media because after all it is not pleasant and favourable condition going on and secondly there is some sort of negativity we got from it. By minimizing the use you can invest that time to make your skills sharp at any diversion you love to do.

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