Meet the girl who arrived for her Microsoft job-interview a Month early!

Laura Maclean once applied for a job post in Microsoft and was very excited when she received the interview-email from her dream workplace. However, the jitters for the final call made her do something hilariously unforgettable.

Microsoft job-interview
Laura macLean

On October 19, 2019, Laura was waiting for her job interview which was scheduled for 11 a.m. with Microsoft. As she kept waiting against her laptop for a skype call, she noticed that it was getting too late and there was no interview for her.

Finally, she decided to seek the status of the interview that had been missed.

When she emailed the recruitment team about the missed interview, she was taken aback at her senses. The interview which she was so dearly awaiting this morning was actually scheduled for the next month.

Microsoft job-interview
Laura MacLean

The entire social media was in splits

This incident went viral immediately and netizens couldn’t understand whether to feel sorry for her or laugh at her real-time experience. However, Microsoft did appreciate her punctuality of arriving on time for the Skype call although a month early.

I think I was just so excited about the whole thing that I didn’t read the email properly and prepared for Jan. 18,” MacLean said in an interview. “It’s just so embarrassing when I think about it.”

“It’s crazy because I genuinely didn’t think it would blow up at all,” she says. “I only tweeted it because I thought, ‘Well, I haven’t got the job so I may as well just laugh about it and let people laugh with me.’”

Laura MacLean

The good thing is, this incident luckily didn’t come in the way of MacLean’s dream job. She mentioned that she was invited for the final process of the interview at the Microsoft assessment center.

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