The Republic of Maldives is a small island nation situated in the Arabian sea in South Asia. With no international travel, this beautiful paradise can be rightfully considered the safest place in the world for quarantine.

It is a tropical and exotic country with breathtaking vistas and lush greenery. It also has a collection of vivid resorts and posh architecture. It is a very popular honeymoon destination and attracts a large crowd of tourists from all around the globe, owing to its mind-blowing sceneries and service.

In the face of COVID-19 pandemic striking the world, most of us are staying inside and doing our part in flattening the curve. A tiny proportion of the population are, however, enjoying being quarantined in absolute utopia- the deserted Maldives island. They have the pleasure of staying and working in this heavenly abode.


Cluster Director PR and Communications, Deveekaa Nijhawan, who’s self-isolating at Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, Naladhu Private Island and Niyama Private Island Maldives resorts, says, “It’s very strange to be on an almost deserted island with little or no activity, and I miss interacting with guests and colleagues, I do miss my family and home, however, until curve flattens and countries open their borders again, I am making the most of my time here in paradise. In fact, with no movement in and out of the resorts, there couldn’t be a safer place to be isolated”, as reported by CEO Magazine.

The Maldives government has prioritized the health of its citizens and was wise enough to restrict international travel from massively affected countries very early in the growing pandemic and limiting movement between the islands.

Since the tropical paradise is off-limits for the world right now, the tourism industry has suffered a huge setback, and tourists are waiting for the opportunity to finally set foot in this beautiful oasis.

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