Coronavirus will be with us for a long time: WHO

WHO, Seeing the current status of the coronavirus pandemic hit nations, it is clear that the graph of infected patients over time is steadily increasing. The WHO has shown major concerns over the massively spreading issue and also in its previous briefing at the Geneva headquarters warned that the worse is yet to be witnessed. Therefore, giving in relaxations on small bits of improvement might actually escalate the spread aggressively.


WHO DG, Tedros in a recent briefing with the reporters said that the pandemic is not getting over soon and will persist for a longer duration of time. Thus advised nations to have necessary precautions and should not ease on lockdowns either.

WHO, He also showed an understanding of the common people’s worries and concerns of wanting to get on their work for their livelihood and said, “One of the greatest dangers we face now is complacency. People in countries with stay-at-home orders are understandably frustrated with being confined to their homes for weeks on end”.

WHO, In addition to this, he also said the world cannot go back to what it had been before as things have changed and will possibly change more in the near future. “But the world will not and cannot go back to the way things were. There must be a ‘new normal’- a world that is healthier, safer, and better prepared”, he said.

WHO, Tedros also shared the sequence for tracing and containing the pandemic spread and focused on advising nations to not lift lockdowns so soon.

“The same public health measures we had been advocating since the beginning of the pandemic must remain the backbone of the response in all the countries- Find every case; Isolate every case; Test every case; Care for every case; Trace and quarantine every contact”, Ghebreyesus emphasized.

Globally, more than 2.5 million people have been diagnosed with the virus. More than 170,000 have died, according to the figures given by John Hopkins University.

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