LUCIFER The Devil rebelled against God and was punished rule hell for eternity. 10 billion years later, he gets fed up, decides to retire, and starts running a club in Los Angeles. Interested yet? This is the plotline of the American Urban Fantasy series “LUCIFER”. Lucifer Morningstar, the devil, runs a nightclub called “Lux”, indulges himself in the guilty pleasures of women, alcohol and drugs. and solves crimes with cops!!! Yes, the devil is on the side of justice, well it’s not exactly what you think.

This is one of the best shows I have ever seen and honestly my favorite series. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) while investigating the murder of his “semi-friend” ends up meeting with Chloe Decker (Lauren German), a detective who for some reason isn’t affected by his charms. After the case is solved, he decides to become a consultant for the LAPD and Chloe’s partner so that he can investigate why she isn’t affected by charms and (What he never admits) his own emotions. You never actually see his evil side in this own series and he describes his previous actions (rebelling against God, seducing eve) as misunderstood.

Lucifer might seem like a crime drama series, but it’s actually all about him exploring his own emotions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Lucifer is a mature baby who learns what different emotions like love, jealousy, kindness, etc are. The devil is pretty charming and has the power to bring out people’s hidden desires (except Chloe) hence his iconic line “Tell me, what do you desire?”

He also realizes his love for Chloe and ends up in pretty complicated relationships with her, her daughter and her ex-husband due to him misunderstand other people’s and his own emotions. Frankly, the devil is a womanizer, narcissist, selfish and dense to other people’s emotions. Though the series majorly explores his relationship with Chloe, it also explores his relationship with other people like his big brother Amenadiel, his demon friend Mazikeen, his mother “the Goddess of Creation” and has his father “God”. It is a very relatable series and will make you review all your own relationships with your family and friends.

Lucifer has a total of 4 seasons, it was canceled by Fox after the first 3 seasons but thankfully was picked by Netflix. The first season did receive some negative reviews but the subsequent seasons received all positive, this was in my opinion because the next 3 seasons focused more on his emotions as well his family and friends and also because of the introduction of some dynamic characters like the “Goddess of Creation”. It is a perfect balance of humor and drama and the quirky and charismatic devil will make you fall in love with him.

A fifth season of Lucifer has been confirmed and is said to have a total of 16 episodes.

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