TRENDS China, the origin of the COVID-19 has considerably improved its pandemic situation. After about 76 days of isolation, more than 50 million people of the Hubei province is expected to return to normalcy after the biggest quarantine in history. But is this life really what they had wanted?


Living in the constant fear of the second wave of infections, TRENDS the new normalcy is nothing that the Chinese had expected. COVID-19 has been haunting every aspect of normal life as offices, hotels, restaurants and even trains resume operation and ‘normal’ activities.

This might be the new normal awaiting our world. According to the researchers at Harvard University, physical distancing norms might have to continue for a long time because one-time lockdowns aren’t enough to combat COVID-19 currently. There is a constant debate among scientists about whether ‘herd immunity’ or TRENDS widespread vaccination is required to combat the pandemic.


Offices- Offices post-lockdown might have to choose employees that will work to ensure physical distancing. Departments might need to split themselves into teams to ensure that the entire department is not infected if there is a spread. Definite and strict regulations might be made for the number of people working together in a building and so on.

Health- Health QR code in China is an important passport to be allowed anywhere. All the citizens have an app that marks them according to their safety of travel. Citizens are marked green, orange or red depending on their travel and medical history. Several other strict measures like compulsory masks in public, mandatory check-ups in case of fever, etc. might have to be applied across the world for a long time.

Public places- Physical distancing has to be maintained at all public places. Restaurants in China have reduced the number of seats and only three people are permitted to sit together. Plastic sheets are being used to separate tables etc. These norms have to be applied globally for a long time now as the coronavirus isn’t curable anytime soon (according to the WHO).


Mostly the education and tourism have seen maximum transformation. Over 300 million students of China have started online classes and these steps are being applied around the world. With respect to tourism, it has become relatively costly in China and a nucleic-acid test certificate is mandatory to book a hotel room TRENDS in Beijing. These steps are protective and are also saving the transport industry from going bankrupt.

Pre-corona normalcy is a TRENDS currently a dream. As of now, we can be quite contented with the starting of normal operations of the various industries that have stopped working.

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