Lockdown effects on Corona growth rate

Lockdown effects, It is no mystery that how rapidly coronavirus is spreading, we have no vaccines yet and the whole world is in state of panic. In this situation of mass confusion and fear the only way to fight this is the virus is to be in self-imposed isolation. Some people in India and around the globe find it a difficult way which in this case can be dangerous for them as well as for us. So the governing bodies decided to enforce a complete lockdown in India and in many other countries.

India being preventive, imposed this lockdown way before other nations, helped in controlling the vigorous spread of the virus. Our nation lacks many medical facilities, has one of the largest populations and our economy is not so good as compared to states like the US, keeping all these factors in mind it’s not hard to assume that if lockdown would have not been imposed then our numbers would have been different.

Health Ministry Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal said at a press conference on Friday, 17th April “Before the lockdown, the doubling rate was about 3 days, but according to data in the past seven days, it now stands at 6.2 days. Also, India has registered an average growth factor of 1.2 % since April 1, compared to 2.1 in the two weeks preceding that [March 15 to March 31) which is about a 40% decline in the growth factor,” he said.


It would be apt to say that lockdown prevented us from being a hot spot for viruses and we did not commit the same mistake which countries like Spain and the US committed.

It is also true that tests are not being conducted adequately according to the population and our medical facility is not up to mark. Our doctors lack basic supplies to fight the corona virus. Basic amenities are not available in government hospitals. Masks, suits, and sanitizers are still to be supplied in many hospitals.

In Jharkhand if there is a need for isolation then there are just 567 beds available across the state. 96 in medical colleges, 200 in district hospitals, and 271 in private hospitals. There is a shortage of test kits.


Lockdown effects, India scaled-up local production of PPEs to 65,000 from zero at the starting of this month, and is currently manufacturing 12,000 suits every day, the official said. “Our target is to touch about 1.5 crore by June.” At present, there are 12 manufacturers in the country and an additional 12 are expected to contribute in the next few weeks.

This is also a reason why lockdown is necessary and we should be following proper code during this lockdown. It is a hard situation for all of us and we will have to be preventive.

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