Since the 1 st lockdown which was established in India on 24th may 2020 for 21 days the coronavirus cases in India have increased drastically due to which the Indian government has been extending the lockdown from lockdown 1.0 to the current lockdown 5.0.

After every lockdown, the Indian government allows certain kinds of movements in the public basically for economic purposes. Considering that our economy is not fit to last so long with everything locked down, lockdown business activities stopped and also because the Indian public is unable to survive with economic activities down, people are getting fired from their jobs, businesses are closing down because of huge losses providing no economic backing for their
families hence the Indian government deems it necessary to give a certain kind of freedom to its citizens to commence business activities and services in their localities.

The recent guidelines by the union home ministry provide some extensive relaxations in lockdown including the opening of religious places and shopping malls from 8th June in a very
organized manner. They also allow the opening of restaurants and other hospitality services in lockdown from 8th June but all of these places will have to follow a standard operating procedure which will be issued by the health ministry after consulting other ministries, departments, and stakeholders to ensure that these sectors follow proper social distancing rules.

In the second phase, there is a possibility of opening schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in July lockdown after consultation with states and the union territories who will have to conduct meeting at the institutional level with parents and other stakeholders for the safety of the children. International travel, metro rail, cinema halls, gymnasiums, theatres, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls have been kept suspended so as to prevent a large number
of audiences to go outlockdown . the government has also given more power to the states and union territories to define a containment zone and allow them to implement their plan of action to a great extent in lockdown.

lockdown, The home ministry has asked the implementation of strict rules in the containment zones
and only allow essential activities to happen. The home ministry has also removed the restriction on intrastate and interstate travel and movement of people and goods. The
government has also eased the timings of the curfew from 9 pm to 5 am which was 7 pm to 7 am earlier.

The corona cases are still increasing rapidly with thousands of cases coming every day. Opening of such activities will definitely increase the risk of spread among people and might create a scenario worst than what the united states are facing. lockdown, Even though we are currently doing better than other countries in terms of the increase, but it doesn’t mean that we should act like the pandemic is over.

It’s necessary for each citizen to follow these rules strictly and to follow the social distancing rule and hope that we get over with this pandemic and return to our normal lives.

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