List of Asanas that will help you to to increase your immunity and save you against covid-19

Can yoga help you in boosting your immunity? Does it work instantly or and show results? Can yoga help you during a covid-19 pandemic?

 Regular practice of yoga has effective results and will boost your immunity, build a stronger body and help in increasing energy levels and bring down anxiety and stress, fuses positivity and refreshes your mind when you’re thinking about the cause of whether external problems are usually the first one to blame.

1.Trikonasana -triangle pose is known to strengthen your shoulders chest and legs dispose of leaves you feeling relaxed you can do this for 30 seconds, repeat three times with every leg this will help to relieve the tension and stress in your shoulders reduces stress and anxiety improve your blood circulation will help in concentration and balance this is considered to be the one of the best yoga to boost the immune system and brings peace in the human body.

2. Uttanasana- forward folders in the powerful post where oxygen reaches in your brain since it is at a lower position than your hearts leaving your cells and energized you can do this for 15 30 seconds and can take a deep breath this will help in losing your condition and Saina thereby boosting immunity will leaves and writer stress and Beat Insomnia and will keep you calm

3. Bhujangasana -cobra pose falls under (Surya Namaskar) Sun salutations it opens a line strength than just fine and increases energy we can do this for 15- 30 seconds and breathe normally this will help in relieving stress and fatigue elevate your mood and also helps you to beat with asthma and other breathing problems and will give a sense of relaxation in your back spinal area of your body.

4. Shishuasana-( child pose) this post will help you in your relaxing after you have nailed the earlier three poses Unlike the other that must be done in your morning you can do this pose whenever you need a break in the middle of a stressful day we can do this for 1 to 3 minutes and take hold over that time this will work best and will help you and getting a sound sleep to remove the back pain relaxes the entire body and Boost Your immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system.

5. Matsyasana-( fish pose) when you get into this pose for thyroid gland is stimulated with for the help to boost immunity much Aasan now also eradicates toxins from your digestive systems hold the pause for 30 to 60 second and breathe normally come back and it and It helped the respiratory problems is back pain relief tension In your neck and Shoulder.

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