With the arrival of monsoon, we are quite aware of the few monsoon specific diseases like reduced immunity and indigestion. The high humidity levels of the atmosphere make us more vulnerable to diseases during the rainy season. This coupled up with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, requires us to boost our immunity in addition to avoiding falling ill. Here are some tips to boost your health and help you reach your fitness goals by making healthier choices.

  1. Have some warm Green Coffee or Moringa Green Tea- The humid and cold weather of the monsoon and your favourite hot beverage- perfect combination right? Tea is already infused with Vitamin C and minerals and this, coupled up with superfoods like Moringa which are infused with antioxidants will help boost your immunity and regulate your metabolism. If you have caught a cold already, this is perfect to make you feel better and with numerous flavours to choose from, you’ll never be bored. For coffee lovers, the green coffee is a healthier alternative which also does the required immunity boosting.
  • Never ignore the Proteins- For the best immunity, it’s extremely important to consume a good quantity of proteins in our daily diet. Almost one-quarter of your regular meal must be protein. So to suffice for your protein requirements, there are some ready-made soups in the market infused with high amounts of quality protein via superfoods like quinoa, turmeric and amaranth. These have about 4X more proteins than regular soups. Also, a bowl of warm soup on a cold monsoon evening is just perfect! If you’re drenched in the rain, soup provides you with instant warmth and relief by clearing up your throat and nasal cavities.
  • Be selective in consuming fruits, vegetables and other cooked foods- Digestion during the rainy season is hard for our bodies. Thus it is essential that we eat only when we are actually hungry and whatever fruits or vegetables we consume is well washed with baking soda or salt (for leafy vegetables). The non-leafy nutritious alternatives can be snake gourd, bottle gourd, apple gourd, bitter gourd, French beans, custard beans etc. Sprouts, salads and uncooked food should be avoided as much as possible. If at all, you can steam the sprouts and vegetables before consuming. Seasonal fruits are beneficial.
  • Maintain the salt and water levels of your body- Salt is essential to complete our food but an excess of it, especially in the rainy season, can cause bloating and water retention. Thus the amount of salt in your diet is essential and must be well maintained. Also, you must be careful about the hydration of your body as it’s essential to flush out toxins. So consume adequate water (boiled or filtered).
  • ‘Dadi ke Nushke’ home remedies for monsoon- Every Indian household has some specific home remedies that always work for them. These have the experience of generations and you’ll be shocked at the scientific advancement of your grandmothers once you revisit them. A concoction of virgin coconut oil, fennel, garlic, ginger, cloves, cumin seeds and turmeric are beneficial and anti-viral as well.

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