Life of Pi, But for Reals This Time

Reals Time`You have probably seen Irrfan Khan’s (may his soul rest in peace) ‘Life of Pi’ and personally, I was really fascinated with how a man could survive for so long, alone, in the seemingly unending water. But then to find out that similar things have happened to real people, is nothing short of shocking.

Jose Salvador Time Alvarenga has Reals lived the film in real life(Life of Pi). He was at sea for 438 days, and he survived. In November 2012, he set out on a fishing shift from Mexico. What was supposed to be a 30-hour, routine fishing round, turned out to be a nightmare? He set out with a new guy name Cordoba Time and soon, their boat was hit by a storm. The went off-course, had to dump all the fish they’d caught; and had to find a way back home with no oars, no lights, no food, and next to no drinking water. They had no way to make contact with the people back home.

Life of Pi, but for reals this time-NewsORB360

They ate whatever they could findTime,Time turtles, seabirds; and even drank their own urine as a substitute for water. 4 months later, Cordoba passed away, and Jose was left alone. Jose spent the next Reals week talking to Cordoba’s corpse, then threw the body overboard. He kept track of time by tracking the moon and entertained himself by singing. He finally sighted land and found Reals Time himself swimming towards what would turn out to be Marshall Island.

He was healthier than people thought a man in his position would be. He is still traumatized and has recurring nightmares about his dark times. He doesn’t go near the ocean now. Time Time He doesn’t Reals even touch fish; but he is, after all, happy to be alive.

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