LG G8X ThinQ Is All Praises On e-commerce Platforms

Big Billion Days Sale Started On October 16. The curtain will be down on 21st October. During the season sale, one of the much-hyped products was LG G8X ThinQ. The price was disclosed after the sale started then also people are ready to get the device.

We are happy that the LG G8X ThinQ is getting so much attention. But we are all in thoughts, people were all for hue and cry because of the pandemic. Most of the people were losing their jobs due to the recession.

But then, we assume it is Navratri which is bringing happiness in the form of sales. Like us, Indian people are always ready for it.

LG G8X Priced At Rs 19,999

The LG G8X was earlier available at Rs 19,999 during the first day of the sale on the Big Billion Days. The LG G8X earned a whopping 35,000 price cut which gave rise to the device. And made it more desirable than ever. LG has now come up with an authorized announcement. It says that the company could survive to generate Rs 350 crores worth of income with just LG G8X ThinQ. All of this occurred in the first 12 hours of the sale. The product was totally sold out after 12 hours of the sale.

LG India has not indicated the precise LG G8X ThinQ units that were sold. But, with sudden basic calculations, we can announce that the company sold over 1.75 lakh units.

LG is now planning to bring more units to the stock. Though the price has not increased to Rs 21999. It has faced a Rs 2000 jump. But still, it is an excellent price for the product.

LG G8X ThinQ is a reasonable product at a reasonable price. You can go for it without any doubts.

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