Latest guidelines by UGC for the colleges and universities across India

Universities all across India have been closed since mid of March even before the coronavirus lockdown on Thursday the UGC University Grants Commission issued guidelines for reopening of colleges and universities all across India.

The union government has permitted reopening of schools in And Higher Education Institutions and the phrase after 5, depending upon the local situation and scenario the actual timing and manner of reopening had to be decided by each state individually depending upon the situation and number of covid cases.

In most of the phase the reopening started with schools, how are the last few days announced, have an interest in getting University and colleges. Haryana and Punjab government for instance allowed University and college to hold in-person classes after Diwali from November 16, West Bengal Education Minister, Partha Chatterjee has us higher education institution in the state to plan for the classes in December in case of universities run by the government union government it is to set up two head of the institution to take a decision on reopening based on the feasibility of physical classes.

Let’s talk about what major to be reopened  first?

while union government set School reopening and left a lot on the discretion of the state the higher education regular regulator wants Universities and colleges to call back research scholarship for graduate students in Science and Technology, programs in final year undergraduate students for placement process, however, the number of students attending classes on campus at a given time should not be more than half an hour of the total students strength the guidelines stated that. The remaining students will be encouraged to continue online learning but there is it may visit their departments in smaller groups with the prior appointment of consultant with the faculty members.

While the education ministry had taken as clear as far on not making attendance compulsory for students there are no clear-cut directions in the undergraduate guidelines, not to attend class one preferred to study online while studying at the home institution may provide online study material and access to their resources to such students for teaching and learn for the stated that institution should have to plan there be for such international students who could not run the program due to international travel restrictions on visa-related issues online teaching-learning arrangements should also be made for them.

Now let’s see how Universities and colleges will look like I am amidst the pandemic.?

Aside from Standard precautions disinfection of Institution provides some temperature screening and teachers and students on campus wearing a mask is mandatory for all the teachers and staff on the campus of the class will be broken up into multiple session with each session at ending up an in-person lesson on the basis the visitors should either not be allowed at all. The guideline for cultural activities and meeting will be avoided, no extra co-curricular activities and sport activity will not be allowed. UGC guideline discusses that the opening of first it has to be done then sharing of rooms will not be allowed which effectively means all the forces will not be allowed to back on campus and situations will have to follow for 14 days of Quarantine. Students with covid-19 symptoms and not be allowed to stay in hostel and resident, student and staff should avoid the limit of visiting in the markets as far as possible in case of any student. Any member living on campus if tested positive for the covid-19 UGC are advised to immediately isolate the patient should not be allowed.

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