South Korean Kim Jong-Un’s Possible Successors

Rumors are flying around about Kim Jong-Un’s health conditions. With some reports saying he’s dead, and some saying he’s in a vegetative state; South Korean officials claim he’s alive and well. However, this resulted in quite some conversation about who would take over for him if things went south. So, let’s talk about his possible successors.


Even though one would’ve never imagined that a South Korean woman would lead a conservative country like North Korea, she stands a good chance to be Kim Jong-Un’s successor. She is a senior member of the Worker’s Party of Korea and is considered the most powerful woman in the country. She is a former chief of staff and her brother’s right-hand woman. She has also been director of the country’s propaganda department. She was the first member of the ruling family to visit Seoul, and she also visited the USA alongside Kim Jong-Un. She is his close aide and South Korean hence, stands a good chance of being her heir.

  • His brother, Kim Jong Chol-

Kim Jong Chol is Kim Jong-Un’s only living brother. South Korean However, he seems to be more into music than politics. He apparently has no interest in succeeding Kim Jong-Un, which is why he was never a threat to his brother.

  • His nephew, Kim Han Sol-

Kim Han Sol would’ve been next in line as it is, if his father hadn’t had a falling out with Kim Jong Il and moved to China (he was later assassinated). Kim Han Sol, too many, is a symbol of what North Korea could be, open to the rest of the world with a fresh perspective. He has openly talked about politics in North Korea and has been bold enough to call Kim Jong-un a dictator. He has always dreamed of improving relations between North and South Korea. His whereabouts remain unknown since arrests were made for his father’s assassination in 2017. South Korean An anti-government group from North Korea, called Free Joseon claims to be protecting him.

Aside from all this, Kim Jong-Un’s children have still not been officially mentioned anywhere but it is believed that he has three children. Regardless, many experts believe that Kim Jong-Un’s demise would lead to the end of the Kim bloodline as rulers of North Korea.

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