CORONA India’s communist state of Kerala has posed to be a model, not just for the country but for the entire world in acting swiftly and successfully against the international pandemic of COVID-19. With The Washington Post lauding the “Communist Success” of Kerala, it has significantly flattened the Corona curve of India. The majority of the appreciation received by Kerala can be credited to its communist system of governance. Here’s why-


Kerala is the biggest testing center for COVID-19 in India right now. Kerala could keep its infection rate in control by rapidly testing patients who might have even one or two symptoms of COVID-19. Kerala also CORONA intensified check-up on all the roadway and railway entry points to the state and every passenger who traveled to Kerala was thoroughly checked before they could interact with the public.


Walk-in Sample Kiosk (WISK) – Kerala also launched the first walk-in testing booth for COVID-19 to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and minimize the demand for PPEs by contactless collection of samples. This also ensures more testing.

On April 17, an institute of Kerala developed a rapid CORONA testing kit that could procure results in just 2 hours and costs 1000 INR only.


The Kerala government began of distribution of food kits containing around 17 items and costing 1000 INR to all ration card holders from the ration distributing centers. Thus the economically weaker section needn’t worry at all. Also the state government ensured home delivery of these kits to home quarantined people and elderly persons to prevent the spread of infection. BPL families continued to get 30kgs of rice along with these food kits and people entitled to 2kgs of rice are being provided with 15kgs. Also the Kerala Cabinet has recently announced home delivery of essential food items to all the poor.

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  1. Contact tracing- the health department of the state CORONA initiated a massive tracking exercise to trace any person coming in direct contact with infected people isolated and quarantined them.
  2. Route maps- the state tracked the entire journey of the infected people, from the infection to the hospitalization, to know the possible origin and spread of the infection.
  3. Mid-day meal delivery and internet connectivity- the state government ensured the home delivery of mid-day meals as well as increased the connectivity by 30-40%.
  4. Increased sanitizer production- so that people didn’t have to hoard them.
  5. App to combat fake news and regular press conferences- the GOKDirect app is available on Android and iOS.
  6. Spread awareness and arrange for comfort- CORONA the Kerala government ensured complete support and awareness among migrant laborers and provided full comfort to people in quarantine centers.
  7. Mental health- multiple call centers kept a check on public psychology, regular visits of government officers assured the infected and suspected people, and the daily press meeting held by the CM Pinarayi Vijayan in a calm composure had an immensely positive impact on the general public.
  8. Break the chain initiative- done through mass hand sanitization.

On April 19, the Kerala government decided to impose the odd-even rule on private vehicles as an attempt to restore the pre-lockdown life of people. This is instrumental in supporting the economic slowdown caused by the lockdown. Today, the entire world looks up to Kerala and its Communism as a role CORONA model in the fight against Coronavirus.

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