Kanye West Walked On Water With His Elder Children

Kanye West walked on the water with his two children during his Sunday Service. He ‘walked on water’ during his Sunday Service in Atlanta, USA.

Kim Kardashian has uploaded footage of Kanye West walking on the water with his two children. He is with 7 years old, North, and 4 years old Saint. She has shared through Instagram stories.

Yeezus does not have divine powers. In fact, he and his nippers were sauntering safely on the top of the translucent platform.

Pastor and Televangelist, Joel Osteen has even given a speech during the service. The speech is given as he stands on the top of the water.

He said, “Watching these fine men and women sing, it looks like they are walking on water. My mind goes back to that time where Jesus invited Peter to walk on the water. I can imagine Peter thought ‘Jesus, what are you talking about? That’s impossible! I can’t do that’.”

“I think we all have that in times in life where we think ‘God is telling me to do something’. But we don’t feel quantified or have the experience – ‘I can’t sing like them, or I can’t invent like Kanye. That’s for somebody else’.”

“But, God doesn’t put a dream in your heart and then not give you the ability to do it. I have learned in life, that you have to choose between your comfort and your calling.”

Kim Kardashian’s post

Kanye West is big into his Jesus. He went on to say that it was God who made him yank the microphone from Taylor Swift during 2009 VMAs acceptance speech.

While speaking about this on Nick Cannon’s podcast, he said, “If God ain’t wanted me to run on stage and say Beyoncé had the best video, he wouldn’t have sat me in the front row. I would’ve been sitting in the back.”

“It wouldn’t have made it so ridiculous of an idea because I had never heard of this person [Swift] before, and ‘Single Ladies’ is, like, one of the greatest videos of all time. And I was only drinking Hennessy because I didn’t want to go to the awards show because it was a set-up.”

He further added, “Right now, God is giving me the information and he ain’t give me no other information… So that means he wants me to say this now.”

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