Kanye West Features Kim Kardashian Giving Birth To Kylie Jenner

Kanye West features his wife Kim Kardashian as her sister’s (Kylie Jenner) mother. A previously unreleased video, bizarre of course, for Tyga and West’s “Feel Me”, released this week. It was released after the director posted the same to his Instagram.

Eli Russell Linnetz wrote, “I directed this three years ago. No one’s ever seen it before”. He also directed Famous and Fade of Kanye West. The video is of 3 minutes and 27 seconds and has already garnered more than 92000 views.

Uproxx reported that the project was one of the various shelves after West went social with his newfound loyalty to Christianity. This included eliminating all curse phrases from his “Jesus Is King” album.

The clip started with the stormy sky before screening the monster truck. It features Kylie Jenner walking across the landscape. She is seen lolling among the vehicles and dancing seductively. She is also seen sprinkling sparkles on the cars.

Then Kim Kardashian appears in the song. She is featured in close up shots while feeling herself. There is a viewer inside the car. Kylie Jenner is seen smiling for the camera in the video of Kanye West that features Kim Kardashian as well. A blue-toned mob reaches for the sky. Then comes the finale. Jenner walks out seductively from the door shaped hole between Kim’s giant legs. 

Conclusion Of The Video

Linnetz has clarified to E! News about what is happening in the conclusion of the video. He said,

“It features Kylie coming out of Kim’s vagina”. “The metaphorical meaning being that there would be no Kylie without Kim.”

The video cost around and more than $1 million to make.

Linnetz, who is the creative director of Lady Gaga told about the famous couple, “The video was shot over five months but was never released because Kylie and Tyga broke up”.

Also, according to Linnetz, the clip is to illustrate, “the visual smashing of American iconography, man-made machinery battling man-made women”.

Kylie Jenner is the half-sister of Kim Kardashian. Kylie Jenner was 20 at the time of video while Kim Kardashian was 32 and married to Kanye West.

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