Ms. KAMALA HARRIS, the daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father who has a rise higher in the country leadership than any woman ever, the flag from the earliest days of a childhood Kamala Harris was taught that the route to racial justice was long he spoke of an on the Campaign Trail of those who had come before her of parents in migraines drawn to the Civil rights struggle in the United States and the ancestors.

Mams. Harris told that of being singular in her role but not solitary it took the stage in Texas, shortly before the election said that yes sister sometime we may be the only one that looks like walking in that room she told a largely black audience in front work that but the thing we all know is we never Walked in that room alone we are all in that home together with the ascension to the vice Presidency KAMALA HARRIS will become the first woman and first woman to of colour to hold that office a milestone for a nation in upheaval grappling with a damaging history of racial injustice exposed yet again in a diverse selection . Harris embodies the future of a country that is growing more racially diverse when a person who respects the pond the top of the ticket is a 77-year-old white man.

Ms Harris scope that how mother and the generations of women of all races wife pave the way for the moment while “I may be the first one in this office I will not be the last” she told the sharing and hogging audience in Wilmington because every little girl Washington it is this is a country of possibilities she has Risen in the country’s leadership than a woman ever as underscored the extraordinary arc of the Political career almost she made a name for herself in Washington with her with ring style in Senate hearing ruling adversaries in high-stakes moments that at the time went viral.

It was a story she tries to tell on the Campaign Trail during the democratic primary success king of she said attracted the crowd in Auckland that adversaries estimated more than 200,00 show of strength and immediately established her as a frontrunner in the Gates especially with the parties progressive English short to win over was the difficulty she had reconsidering her past positions of California as General with the current modes of a party to struggle to define a policy agenda waxing on health care and even an assault on Justice burden on race perhaps the topic attack be faced with the primary campaign.

 Opal Lee, People of texas, when she First went to choose between ballot for the democratic candidate for buying food for her for young children decades later when a former teacher and activists from Fort, Texas celebrated President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Despite the health risk from the coronavirus pandemic Mrs Li has no intention of missing Biden’s inauguration in Washington in January twitter’s message Harris and said that I want to be able to tell my great-great-grandchildren how it will be for a woman to be vice president I just got to go.

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