Kaleen Bhaiya is Back with his Swag!

When Guddu bhaiya said “shuru majboori mein kiye they ab maza aa raha hai”, Mirzapur fans felt that. The social media websites were trending with Mirzapur is back hashtags since the trailer launch…

Mirzapur is a series filled with a lot of Drama, action, friendship and marvellous acting, amazing star cast and whistle worthy dialogues. To explain the emotions and hype of Mirzapur fans here is a dialogue from Mirzapur season -1; when Guddu bhaiya said: “Jis raste pe hum chal rahe hai woh hai one-way, Na reverse gear hai na U-turn”. This dialogue suggests how the fans are just waiting to see their favourite characters on-screen, relive with two times better entertainment and thrill.

If talking about the response for Mirzapur season-2; the series stuck to its roots. Ever wondered why the series got so much love by the audience? The series became a patent for savage replies and known as the epitome of coolness. The loudmouth characters, excessive abuse and violence with a unique love story narrated along with it. The season -1 follows a criss-cross plot; you cannot predict who is going to kill whom? Whose revenge is it and who is taking it? The season-2 of Mirzapur continues to confuse you and hook you in the same way. Unlike the first season which goes on to entertain the audiences with the humour and thrill, season-2 works on a more tensed plot. There’s no space for humour and a sense of ease for the viewer while watching; the only time you can feel it is when Pankaj Tripathi’s character Kaleen bhaiya is there with his savage charm.

People who have watched the Season-1 of Mirzapur can connect the dots and will become more suspicious to find the answers of cliff angle. If you are planning to binge-watch it, it might exhaust you because of lesser scope for entertainment. But the way the plot is built, will not make you sleep at night. Imagine a scenario where the insightful and ascertaining Bablu had made due rather than his doofus kin. Mirzapur 2 may have not wanted to imagine new characters to increase interest. These new participants convey enough plotting and moving to last 10 scenes, yet the show’s scriptwriter, Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna aren’t done at this point. Like a Marvel Cinematic Universe establishment that extends on unto time everlasting, a period bound storey rotating around vengeance for new injuries is taking steps to develop into an adventure that will endure for a couple of more seasons.

In Kaleen bhaiya’s words- From “Neta banna hai toh gundey paalo gundey mat bano” (Mirzapur season -1) to “Jo aya hai who jayega bhi, bas marzi hamari hogi” (Mirzapur season-2). A lot has changed and yet the same; watch it to know it!

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