President-elect Joseph R .Biden closed this Saturday night acceptance speech with the p quote from a high on wing party was composed more than three decades ago by a Catholic priest in the memory of his friend’s father, within a weekly churchgoer, who often keeps a Rosary on hand that was here to his family. Especially to his deceased son and that he hoped it would provide solace to more than 2,30,000 families in the United States who lost loved ones during the covid-19 find it captures faith that sustains in which I believe sustained America, he said.

Biden emerged as the President on Saturday after nearly four hours of tabulating both National and dissipation of the election outcome but it’s not over yet in the week between election day and inauguration day on 26th of January several key mechanisms takes place most for a letter to the electoral college that eventually lead to a President in the White House, so with the vote nearly completed by the next President made it clear what happens when bringing on 10th November and lasting 11th December state will begin to certify the election results that were carried out over a slightly different time frame in each state this could be all made even more complicated by Trump campaign personal lawsuits state that could relate the former certification of the love.

As the dust settles when the president’s trace the eyes of the political world have already shifted to go.

Georgia, where to run of elections set for early January, will almost certainly determine which party has control of the Senate this was unusual for both of its 18 seats up for election republic and elected in 2014 was fitting and normal re-election race in addition and other Republican-appointed last episodes of seen senator joining after is a tired both of the health issues of reaching a special election to serve how the remainder of his term.

Biden is poised to rollback trump’s policies with Blades of Executive actions Washington president is poised to Unleash a series of executive actions on his first day in the oval office prompting what is likely to be years-long effort to unwind the President Trump domestic agenda and immediately signal wholesale shift in the United States place in the world in the first hours he takes The Oath of office in the West front the capital at noon 28 Jan be done. He said that he will send a letter to United Nations indicating that the country will be joining Global effort to combat climate change reverse in the transition to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord with more than 174 countries.

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