‘Jaws’ actor Lee Fierro dies of Coronavirus complications

Amidst all the miserable deaths that the world is mourning, Lee Fierro ’s is the latest. The actor best known as Alex Kintner’s mother who played in the film ‘Jaws’ in the year 1975, was victimized by the pandemic, COVID-19 recently. The 91-year-old actor was living in a resident in Ohio when she passed away.


The one word I would think of when I think of Lee is dedication. I’ve watched her as a performer, director and businesswoman and then we became friends. She was my teacher and mentor,” – said Kevin Ryan, artistic director and board president for Island Theatre Workshop.

“I just found out that a girl got killed here last week and you knew, you knew there was a shark out there. You knew it was dangerous, but you let people go swimming anyway,” her character says, sobbing. “You knew all those things and still my boy is dead now, and there’s nothing you can do about it. My boy is dead.”


Nicki Galland, a novelist who appreciates Fierro for her ecstatic creative skills, told the Martha’s Vineyard outlet that Fierro “was tickled by [her cult film notoriety]. She found it really entertaining. She would say, ‘If you told me that’s what I’d be known for, I wouldn’t believe it.’ She had no screen training. She trained as a theatre actor.

“I would still call Lee for artistic discussion and commentary… She was fiercely dedicated to the mission of teaching,” Ryan added. “She was a good friend, mentor and a very busy community member when she was in Martha’s Vineyard.”

In order to mourn the death of Lee Fierro, a small service has been planned in Ohio where family members will gather up together for the actor in Martha’s Vineyard. We hope that her soul rests in peace forever!

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