The head of intelligence of ISIS, Assadullah Orakzai is a terrorist of Pakistan origin and was involved in a number of terror attacks all over Afghanistan. The intelligence agency of Afghanistan, NDS, claimed to have killed Assadullah Orakzai near Jalalabad of Nangarhar. According to the TNN report, this incident was reported by the TOLO News. As per the official statement of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, NDS, “The Special Units of the NDS have eliminated Ziaurrahman known as Assadullah Orakzai, the native of Akhel Orakzai agency of Pakistan during a targeted operation.”

The NDS also claimed that Assadullah Orakzai was involved in plotting a number of deadly attacks on several militaries and civilian targets around Afghanistan. They also made it clear that the regional and international partners of Afghanistan should remember that the country was “a key player in the fight against terrorism” and they are determined to crush the roots of terrorists wherever they are present.

Significantly, on March 25, 2020, the gurdwara attack of Kabul was carried out by the ISIS Khorasan in which at least 25 Sikhs were massacred. On April 4, the NDS claimed to have arrested Abdullah Orakzai who is also popular as Aslam Farooqi, the leader of the Khorasan branch of the terrorist organization Daesh and 19 other members of the IS which included Qari Zahid and Saifullah (popularly known as Abu Talaha), during an anti-terror operation by the special units of the NDS.

Essentially, Daesh, ISIS and IS are different names of the same terrorist organization who work to spread terror in different parts of Afghanistan and its nations like Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Algeria etc. Their operations also extend to other parts of the world and have repeatedly been accused of suicide bombings and massacres in the Indian subcontinent. The death of Assadullah Orakzai, as claimed by the NDS, will supposedly end a reign of terror that he had spread in that region.

So why is this incident important for Indians and the Indian government? Recently, India has been gearing up to bring back to the country, around 700 Sikhs who are suffering torture under the terrorist organizations of Afghanistan. The first batch of 11 Sikhs, returned to India on July 26, 2020, and this batch included Nidan Singh Sachdeva. He was an Afghan-based Sikh and about a month ago, he was abducted by the militia groups affiliated to the Haqqani network based in Afghanistan from a Gurdwara in the Paktia province.

These Sikh families are living in a gurdwara of Delhi and the ‘Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Committee’ has been looking after the arrangement for the living of these people. Along with the Sikhs, the Ministry of External Affairs recently announced that they will be bringing back Afghanistan based Hindus to India who faces security threats in the country. This decision has been taken about 4 months after the Gurdwara terror attack in Shor Bazaar of Kabul that killed about 25 people from the Sikh community.

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