YOUTUBE ACCOUNT, Most of us are well aware of the kind of stuff that takes place in the dark web, a recent report relating to the dark web have caused anxiety to the online video platform, YouTube’s content creator as there has been a sharp rise in the demand for hacked accounts of the platforms on the dark web.

According to estimates pertaining up to December 2019, a total of 265 million Indian users on the video platform had their own YouTube channels in which they posted a wide array of contents ranging from gameplay, political opinion and commentary, life hacks to comedy vines. These YouTube channels have lakhs to crores of followers and according to the reward model of the platform, these YouTubers earn higher income with a higher number of followers on their accounts.

In line with a report by the cybersecurity entity, IntSights based in the New York City perceived that the accounts of YouTubers are being hacked and thereafter sold on the dark web. After being bought by the highest bidder of the account, the buyer coercively seeks ransom from the genuine owner of the accounts, and this process may be recurring as long as the original owners of the accounts are totally cleaned out.

As of a post on the blog of IntSights, Cyber Security officer, Etay Moar informed on 2nd of June 2020 that:
“YouTube accounts from compromised computers or from logs of credentials can be of high value. While smaller channels may not be as lucrative as larger ones, YouTubers rely on them as revenue streams and might be willing to pay money to attackers to get their content and access to their channels back.”

In line with the above reports, researchers also found out that in the last month of May as of a poll conducted in the dark web, around eighty percent of those who articulated their opinion had an interest in purchasing hacked YouTube accounts.

Adding on to the above update by Mr. Etay in his blog, he further stated: “As always with underground offerings, when there is demand the supply is soon to follow. In recent weeks, IntSights researchers have noticed an increasing number of stolen YouTube channel credentials, of varying subscriber counts, up for sale,” 

The aforementioned development is also monitored meticulously by the cybercrime agencies at the Central and State levels by Indian authorities as the nation emerges as the leading video creating force globally.

Brijesh Singh, cyber expert and Special Inspector General of Police was reported stating: “Hackers are cashing in on the fact that YouTube accounts get monetized after hitting a certain number of followers. With the rising popularity of YouTube and Youtubers in India, It is best to follow strict cybersecurity practices like two­ factor authentications that are not de­ pendent on text messages and not using the same user­name and password combination on different platforms and accounts,” 

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