Is your smartphone killing you?

Smartphone aren’t luxury anymore; they’ve become a necessity. Whether it’s children, older people or business persons, smartphones have trapped everyone, for the good or for the bad.

Every day, hundreds of cases about car accidents due to using a phone while driving and on-spot deaths of pedestrians due to the same reason are becoming increasingly common. The addition of these smartphones is thus killing everyone, each day. 

The number #1 cause for million deaths each day!

Death of drivers and pedestrians due to using smartphones is not unknown at all. The number of pedestrians who die on road due to this reason is nearly 51% whereas drives who use messages while driving have been estimated to be nearly 32%. Especially in India, such incidents hit the newspaper every morning. But is this affecting people as an eye-opener? Not yet! 

People who cross the streets while speaking on-call or using their smartphones, they are even worse victims of such accidents. 

Here’s Spokesman, Paul Turner basking his views on this subject

“Stand at an intersection in the CBD for half an hour and you’ll see five or 10 people just being saved or stopping themselves from walking out into traffic because they were looking down at their phone. When you tap them on the shoulder and they look up it’s as though they’ve been in some sort of daze because they are so engrossed in their phone.”

Phantom Vibrations are a thing!

smartphone killing, Have you ever felt a vibrating sensation in your phone that made you feel you have a notification but in reality, it was nothing? This feeling is called Phantom Vibrations that occurs due to hyper-vigilance in your mind which compels you to check your phone now and then. This is how awfully this 4-inch device might be killing you!

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