Is Poverty Demeaning Humanity?

Poverty has been so evident in India. People are living in abject poverty that even their wages are below the poverty line. It can be noticed in every city or in every lane next to one’s society. In many places, the poverty line has reached such a low extent that their daily needs are being fulfilled with the hassle and cry.

Lives in slums is beyond imagination. Imagination reaches a level but their survival exceeds it. People in mega slums are forced by their own destinies to wash their clothes and utensils with the same water found in sewers because of being unable to get the supply of water. They do not have the facility for disposal of garbage. This results in people lacking the opportunities to have themselves a good education, health, social protection, and technology.

India remains poor since a long period, A particular section in India is found persistently poor despite having a good economic growth many times. This has been stated according to the latest report of WEF i.e. The World Economic Forum that has released an index on 19, January, 2020. The report suggests that it would take a minimum of 7 generations of low-income families to reach the level of mean income required to live a sustainable life of middle-class families.

The index involved in the report highlights 5 key factors on the basis of economies of 82 countries and India stands at 76th position among all other countries, in terms of poverty. The five factors that have been included in the index are social protection, technology, health, good quality of education and work opportunities. It depicts a picture of whether a child born in a poor family leads a better life than his or her parents or not; whether he has a better socio-economic background than his parents or not.

There are still many areas where poverty is at its peak, where people are not having equal opportunities because of their dependence on low wages.

It portrays the real picture of slums, if one is born poor, he will be living his life in poverty for a longer time, no matter how hard he works until he is not supported by good luck of his destined destiny.

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