Is Netflix Raising the Bar for its Rivals?

Netflix is one of the prestigious video streaming platforms. It has acquired 167 million subscribers in the last few years. Apple and Disney have also entered the arena where they have launched their streaming services to their audiences. Netflix challenges them both with the help of its facilities.

It produces shows that are worthy of being binge watched. It has now 167 million subscribers worldwide. Movies and shows on Netflix originals have been well received by its audiences. Along with the entertaining stories, it includes oscar nominees like “The Irishman” and “Marriage Story”.

During the peak of the competition period between them, Netflix passed last year, to add around 8 million subscribers, when they were expecting 7.5 million subscribers.

Netflix has marked a standard for itself and its increasing year by year due to ordinary video streaming. Disney provides its shows and videos at $7/month and Apple provides the same for $5/month. Whereas, Netflix plan costs $13/month, which is far more than that of its rivals. But, what benefited them is the launch of the mobile version which is very cheap. Mobile version has been launched for capturing more viewers who are bored of traditional TV watching. And that has paved a head to head competition.

There are other companies in line, NBC, HBO, Quibi who are planning for the same but new streaming services that may waver Netflix’s services.

CEO of Netflix admires the competition and does not hesitate to place the advantage of Netflix over its competitors. He states that Netflix has a collection of shows that viewers can crave for years and will not be feeling weary. This motivates them to make more hits.

It will be interesting to see if any company could affect Netflix in any manner.

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