If there is something that excites humans the most, it is conspiracy theories and while most of this popular belief pertains to extra-terrestrial species and secret organizations running the world but recently a popular theory is floating on the internet relating to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex which is rather coming of the age, as this popular theory claims that Meghan is replaced by a robot. This theory started floating after in the finale of the Britain Got Talent, presence of lifelike wax figures of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle were spotted, these ignited buzzes that the royal family may be substituted by their robots.

Speculations rose after the appearances of these lookalike figures which made paparazzi wonder if something has happened to the genuine Meghan Markle.
Notably, these figures happen to be not one of the usual wax figures present anywhere around the world but they are a party to the freshly included Live Figures at Madame Tussauds, London. They will be called Meghan and Harry LIVE and also features other figures from the regal family and would be moving around like real humans.

The fact which actually added to the fact which actually took upon the netizens making them feel that this cameo on the BGT was a robot is the fact that these live figures had put up the realistic masks to make them look more authentic. But the fact that actually quantified the claim that Meghan has turned into a robot is the way, the royal pair cuddled in the stands.

While the photo of Prince Harry’s seemingly replica is not convincing enough but the way his duplicate smiles makes the static face a little more substantial whereas Meghan’s imitation is seen seated next to him but what spooks the viewers is the fact that her lips remain still with the Duchess not breaking into a full smile.

To further add to this entire incident giving it an eerie turn is the fact that a video on twitter has gone viral in which the Twitterati has fallen into the trap of considering it a robot of the popular couple not knowing the fact that these video doesn’t feature the real Harry and Meghan whereas the object in view is their live wax statues.

This entire incident has led people to come up with their own versions to describe the entire incident. Some people acclaim the hands of Queen Elizabeth behind the whole incident and likewise, another section believes that the piece is nothing but simply Sophia the robot who has tricked the entire set so as to avail the royal lifestyle of the Duchess.

What are your views on the entire incident? Does this incident features yet another unsolved mystery of the royal family? Do let us know in the comment below.

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