Is it okay to let your kids watch disturbing news for information?

Disturbing news, The innocence of your child is extremely special. The gruesome news from around the world might not cast a good impact on their purity. In fact some can affect them so badly that they can succumb to nightmares and fear.

Since news today has become all about terrorism, corruption, and other crimes, disturbing it might do more harm to the brain of your child than good.

What can be done about the haunting news?

Since children are hardly able to differentiate between the things that happen inside the screens and those that can happen outside to them, it might turn out to be a nightmare for your child.

If your kids come across some Disturbing news, make sure you present them in an appropriate manner to them. If they are too scared to consume the information directly from the screens, try and narrate the incidents to them so that the disturbing visuals don’t haunt them as much.


Give out the details

Many-a-times, kids tend to overhear conversations when their parents fail to enlighten them with the same. This might be more dangerous as the way of presenting the news is not guaranteed from the outside world.


Try and be the first one to help your child learn about the news in a safe environment and feel free to ask questions. disturbing disturbing This will help them to get to the details without fearing much.

Limit the news

Just because you want your child to know the disturbing current affairs, doesn’t mean you will bombard them with the news.

Make sure you limit the content intake for your children in accordance with their consumption. If they are interested in learning more, give them more but if they don’t want to know about it or they say it haunts them, avoid it immediately.

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