Is Flora and Fauna at Stake in Faridabad?

Forests are on the verge of destruction. There are around 45 illegal structures that include farmhouses, cricket academies and religious places that been built in Aravallis of Faridabad and Gurugram. District Magistrate of Faridabad has ordered the demolition of illegal structures but no process has been carried out till now.

The officials have been put at fault as they have not turned up for the demolition process. The officials blame the forest department, they say they would have led the clearance of land. One of the officials said, “we have already provided a list of 45 illegal constructions in the Aravallis to the duty magistrate appointed by the authorities…we will be sending a request again.”

Prashant Atkaan is the Duty Magistrate who has been appointed to maintain the law and order during the demolition process. The operation has come into consideration when some of the activists have visited Aravallis to see if there is any damage that has been done to Aravallis in any manner. Out of 45, they have found around 15 sites that are illegally occupied and built. Ankhir, Bhadkal, and Mangar are the places where major destruction has taken place in every possible way.

A resident of Faridabad has been thoroughly filing complaints against the authorities who are allowing people to capture the land of forests and hills for their illegal buildings, farmhouses and more. He said, “it is as if everybody has tied hands with land mafias, the department is being bribed for the same.” Boundary walls have been constructed by illegal owners at many places to claim them as their lands.

This leads to the disturbance of flora and fauna of the area where Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is situated, making it worse for the animals residing in it.

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