We all know Ironman very well. The superhero who had an important role in MCU’s Avenger series and played a really important role in defeating THANOS. Unfortunately, while snapping he wasn’t able to survive the gamma radiations that were produced while snapping the fingers. This tragic death of IRONMAN made marvel fans sad. Although it’s not officially announced that IRONMAN’S return has been confirmed but it is possible that IRONMAN can return back to MCU. There are some ways through which all the IRONMAN fans can once again see thier superhero fighting against evils.

As we have already seen the time travel theory and implementation in Avengers Endgame and Ant-Man series. So this is possible that IRON-MAN can be brought back in current time from the past-time.


It is possible that if Iron-man does not return then his daughter can play the role of IRON-MAN with the help of IRONHEART given to her from her father.

3. AI ( Artificial Intelligence)
Like Edith Jarvis and Friday it is possible that has created some AI to function as IRONMAN. We all know that Doctor Strange has already given him signs of his death and his snapping the fingers. So it is very likely possible that he has planned something for his return or developed an AI.


All of us are well acquainted with IRONLAD. We have already seen IRONLAD in IRONMAN 3 and then he appeared again in IRONMAN’S funeral. Now we all know that MCU does nothing without a solid reason so there is a possibility that we can see him in place of IRONMAN.

5. ROBERT DOWNEY JR.’s tweet.
Robert Downey Jr recently tweeted that MCU has approached him to sign another 5-year agreement to work with MCU and he is thinking on it. But he also said that he wants to appear on SpiderMan rather that IRONMAN.


This is because his return in or Avenger series can ruin IRONMAN’s sacrifice and his respect earned in fan’s hearts.

So these were some possible ways how IRONMAN’S fans can once again see their favourite superhero in action back again.

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