It has been three months already since the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been postponed, while the tournament always takes place in the months of April and May, fans were disappointed as the government imposed lockdown and stadiums stood closed and the tournament was pushed further. Yet, recent news is seemingly returning the smiles to the fan’s faces.

Recently, The Hindu conducted an interview with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chairman, Brijesh Patel and that interview hinted towards the likelihood of organising the glamorous league this year itself as the chairman’s statement weighted hard with deliveries of buoyancy in organising the league in the present yea itself.

On being questioned about developments in recent months, Brijesh said there have been many changes in the last three months. He said that while clouds of uncertainty foreshadowed the council’s decision, the governing body has now a clear sky as they seek the path towards the future as all of the members of the organization are now positive on hosting a tournament this year. He further added that the council is looking for the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision on the T20 World Cup which was previously scheduled this year in the month of October.

On being further asked that as the Indian Premier League and the T20 World Cup that both the tournaments are closely interlaced, “what does his opinion on the T20 World Cup being postponed shortly”.

He answered that the international body can’t keep the decision hanging till the eleventh hour as all the participating national teams need to get ready for the tournament, he said that the council should reach a decision shortly as once the way for T20 World Cup is cleared for the month of October, the cricket councils of various nation can move forward with their policies and plans for the October window.

Additionally on being interrogated on whether the premier league could be conducted in this year itself? The chairman stated that he is quite optimistic about the league being organized this year itself as the Board is looking forward to organise the tournament in the September October window as the entire league depends on the call upon the T20 World Cup and the Asia Cup.

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