Instagram Pages That Are Worth Hitting The Follow Button

If you’re anything like me and close Instagram just to open it again two seconds later because that’s your primary source of entertainment, this article is for you. Here is a list of some pages that deserve you hitting the follow button.


@Rayonmag – This is hands down one of the best fake news pages. Rayonmag is a parody Bollywood gossip magazine. Calling some celebrities out on their actions, and just light-hearted, funny, non-offensive jokes about Instagram others; make Rayon a super-fun, super-entertaining page. To add to that, the admin every once in a while, reviews movies; and as critical as she may sound doing that, you can’t deny they’re hilarious.

@scoopwhoop– Also a popular website and YouTube page, Scoopwhoop is a page with content that you will probably relate to if you’re just another regular Indian. They frequently post about cartoons we grew up on, among other content. Their posts, especially their 2 am shit-posts will bring a smile to your face.

@aksharpathak– A comical page, Instagram Akshar Pathak also works on relatable content, making jokes about almost everything around him. He makes jokes that’ll lead you to believe that we’re all living the same lives.

@buzzfeedindia– Scoopwhoop, this too is a popular website and YouTube channel. It posts fun quizzes that will tell you what kind of pizza you are *insert facepalm emoji*. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the hilarious content they post, you can always watch their YouTube videos.

@theindianidiot– This page posts about everything Instagram under the sky. Movie suggestions, song appreciations, memes, and happy news amongst other things. It is a good page with quality content that will bring you joy at 12:30 in the morning.

A special mention goes out to @thatindianchick_ ‘s movie/trailer/music reviews. They’re hilarious and you will probably re-watch them like 3 times at least. These are some of the many brilliant pages on Instagram, but these are just some pages, that I believe deserves to be more popular, and some that are popular and choose to use their voice for good.

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