It is always said that we should consider a glass half-filled rather than half empty. This positive outlook helps us in being cheerful rather than being saddened on an issue. Similarly, as India reached the fourth position globally covid in the number of cases recorded, India found its dose of positivity and glee as the number of active cases was overtaken by the number of patients who recovered from the contagious novel coronavirus.

According to the official reports, as of 11th of May 2020, the tally of the number of cases active of Covid-19 stood at 1,42,697 antagonistic to which the number of patients who were infected and recovered from the virus were 1,46,716 cases.

The steering rise in the number of people contaminated and subsequently discharged is also expected to grow at a similarly steady pace, being the current fatality rate from the virus is a mere 2.8% only. Therefore, it is quite indisputable that the number of patients convalescing will be rising over the upcoming days unless there is a case of total negligence and maladministration on the part of the medical system of the nation.

All the same, this feat speaks largely of the dedication of all the covid Corona warriors ranging from the medical at the forefront, sanitization workers, and the police forces as the figures stand directly proportional to their invaluable efforts and service to the nation during this pandemic.
Notably, another factor adding up to the discharge rate is the modifications in the government’s policy over-discharging patients, unlike previously, whereas those contaminated and under treatment had to test negative twice in twenty-four hours, under the new order, patients who don’t show symptoms of covid over a period of three days are allowed to get themselves discharged. Moreover, patients in the critical care unit required a negative test to be discharged from the hospital. The emancipation is now expected to have a follow-up isolation inside the patient’s domicile for a period extending from seven days to fourteen days with complimentary restraints on the engagements of this people.

Presently, it is most imperative to arrange for sufficient amenities and hassle-free access to services related to emergency upkeep of patients particularly in hospitals and specialties set up for COVID infected cases. Steps to keep a check on those under home quarantine should also be evolved as “Everything the government does here on must be to allow the recovery rate reach rate its natural proportion of the total number of cases to keep the case fatality rate case.”

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