India’s Battle against Coronavirus

Battle against Coronavirus, The global pandemic that busted across the world in the year 2019 has been spreading like breeze everywhere. In India, almost 127 deaths have been confirmed with nearly 4,300 Coronavirus victims as of now.

Although India is nearing the second week of its lockdown, the condition seems to deteriorate instead of stabilizing. The question is, what’s causing this nuisance, even after such stringent precautions?

The travellers abroad

The origin of Coronavirus in Indian evoked when national citizens travelling abroad returned infected or infected foreigners interceded Indian boundaries. Many people with a recent travel history have tested positive due to this reason. Famous singer Kanika Kapoor who travelled from London to Mumbai on March 9 was tested positive. But she was also accused of spreading the virus knowingly when she attended a bash in Lucknow.


Another case included an 18-year-old boy who returned from the UK and spread the virus knowingly.

The Tablighi Jamaat

This Islamic Missionary Movement in Delhi has led to an unfortunate increase in Coronavirus cases in India. Despite the on-goings of the pandemic, these people attended the Nizamuddin Markaz event in Delhi that ultimately led to an increase in the number of patients.


To defy our Prime Minister’s orders, many people from this community created havoc by roaming naked in the hospitals and spitting on people to spread the virus even further. Such an act of brutality has contributed to the ill health Coronavirus of many innocent citizens.

The stubborn stupidity

Despite the constant vigilance, stringent patrolling by the police, several people are paying no heed to this pandemic. Whether these are people roaming in their vehicles or those who are interacting with their friends and relatives constantly, such stupidity is making the virus skyrocket in India. Coronavirus Every day, at least one such case is reported where individuals are defying the national lockdown.


Battle against Coronavirus, Whether Coronavirus, will reach a finish line anytime soon, we do not know. But, until then, we must all keep following the mantra of ‘stay home, stay safe’.

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