‘India ready to help friends’ says Prime Minister Modi on Hydroxychloroquine drug export during pandemic

This Friday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude to Indian PM Narendra Modi in his tweet for India’s decision to supply them with the Hydroxychloroquine anti-malarial drug, which has been known to work against COVID-19 as well.


In response to his tweet, PM Modi remarked: “India is ready to do whatever possible to help our friends”. With this, he prayed for the health and prosperity of the people of Israel. He called for joint efforts to fight this battle against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The India-Israel Collaborative effort

The two Prime Ministers had a talk over the telephone on April 3 in which they discussed the on-going COVID-19 crisis and the counter strategies the respective governments have adopted. A possible collaboration between India and Israel to fight the battle also came in view which also involved improving the availability of medicinal supplies.

Trump applauds India

On Wednesday Donald Trump, the President of United Stated heartily applauds India’s decision of lifting the brake on the export of the drug. He says India’s cooperation in these extraordinary times “will not be forgotten”.

India-Brazil Alliance: All the more high

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro also acknowledged PM Narendra Modi for granting the export of raw materials to his country in order to develop the hydroxychloroquine medicine to fight the virus. The two leaders continued their interactions over the weekend on the current health crisis.

As a response to Bolsanaro’s tweet, PM Modi acclaimed the India-Brazil Partnership being stronger than ever. He proudly mentioned, “India is committed to contribute to humanity’s fight against this pandemic”.

Despite being the biggest manufacturer of the hydroxychloroquine drug, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) had banned India from exporting the drug or any of its raw materials, in the light of rapid increase of cases in the country. But PM Modi has decided to lift the ban on humanitarian terms and continue to help the countries in need.

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