India and Foreign Education

India and Foreign Education, From producing CEO  in companies like Microsoft and Google to scientist in prestigious research centres, Indian universities have come a long way. According to our PM Narendra Modi, our universities can do better than the international universities like Yale, Oxford and Stanford.

In South Asia, around 750,000 students spend around $ 15 billion each year pursue education overseas but Modi government is trying to push the education sector in our country so, that students don’t have to leave their country. Now, in order to regulate the function of the welcomed universities, new and separate legislation has been approved by the government. This is a great challenge for the ruling party because they have stepped forward to change the long ancestral education policy.

In a statement given by Education Minister Pokhriyal said the countries like Australia have shown a keen interest in their proposal. With a lot of enthusiasm, he added that soon India will welcome world-class educational institutes. According to the 2020 Global Talent Competitiveness Index, we are on 72 among the 132 nations, which reflect the need to boost the education sector and to confine the talent in the nation. There is a lot of gap between South Asian education and the global market demand, which can be full filled by boosting the education sector.

But still, India has to face many challenges which are there to block the coming foreign universities. Some of the difficulties are the adequate faculty, land for the institutes and best infrastructure. In his statement, Pokhriyal Sir didn’t mention what are the offers that will insist on the universities to come to India. Joe Wong, vice president of the University of Toronto said they are looking for the new opportunities to come forward in India. It comes to the notice that the university has to tie with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Tata Education Trusts. Another volunteer is the University of Washington, London School of Economics many prestigious universities are waiting to punch their researches and courses in India.

Pokhriyal on his positive notes said that overseas universities will found out their campus in India to tap the Indian young demographics, with planet Bank projecting 34% of its population are going to belong from age between  15 to  34 years by 2021. India has already cleared the agreements on educational programs with  55 countries that include the exchange of academics and students and cooperation on other initiatives, he said. India’s educational system is already one among the most important within the world with more than 51,000 institutions and it’s only second to China in terms of enrollment and researches.

It’s the ideal chance for the Asian country to open up it’s tertiary, said by an education researcher of India, T.V. Mohandas Pai. Showing concern towards challenges he said that the primary obstacle will be the real guidelines. His anxiety is that the control-disapproved of organization ought not to abandon the execution of the arrangement by placing in superfluous controls.

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